November 7, 2014

10 Reasons to have a wedding video image

So! You got all those really important things booked: the stunning venue, a delicious wedding cake, a snuggly fitting, one-of-a-kind dress, the top local photographer, and the list goes on… But then a question arises: ‘What about having a wedding video?’ Maybe one of you likes the idea and one of you doesn’t.  Maybe talking about adding yet another expense into the mix is a bit of a sore point. Well, never fear!  These are the ultimate top 10 reasons to have a wedding video made for that all-important, once in a lifetime, truly special, unique, Ok… Ok! Enough of that, here’s the list…

Top 10 reasons to have a wedding video made

  1. I wish! You’ve had the most amazing wedding day. vAll that time, effort and planning paid off.  The guests are still talking about how funny the speeches were and the in-laws are chuffed at how well everything went.  Your photos arrive after you come back from your honeymoon and wow, they look great!  Time passes, you start to reminisce, then you say it: ‘I wish I could see it all over again’.  I wish I could listen to the speeches, see the reaction of my dad giving me away, see how choked you looked when you said ‘I do’.  I wish, I wish.  Well hopefully, if you’re reading this pre-wedding, you won’t need to say it.
  2. The day went by so quick… ‘Oh my god, how fast did that day go by?’  Trust me, I speak to many brides and grooms, and at the end of the wedding day it’s something I hear often.  So much is going on and the day is crammed with things to do, so time inevitably flies by.  So many moments you may have missed… Wouldn’t it be great to see those bits again?
  3. Videography vs. Photography.  As a wedding videographer, I will be the first person to say that the most important way of capturing the moments of the day is… wait for it… wait for it… the photographs!  Didn’t expect that, did you?  Well, this article is not about choosing wedding videography over photography.  Your photos are 100% your top priority for capturing the moment.  Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, but just think what video must be worth.
  4. Money!  It’s all about the money, money, money.  It’s budgeting time, and the tally is adding up. Dress, shoes, hair, make-up, perfume, wedding band… and thats just the bride!  Did you know the average cost of a wedding in the UK is now above £18,000 (according to The Telegraphy, 2014)?  So yes, adding another chunk onto the budget is a hard thing to do. I guess my point is, if you’re spending a good amount of cash on this one day, why wouldn’t you want to record the memory in the best way possible, on a memory that can be played time after time to remember how all your efforts payed off.
  5. “The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Video”… I can guarantee that for the big day you have worked your socks off to look the absolute bee’s knees, so in the future wouldn’t you want to see yourselves walking along in the finest gear on that special wedding day, see how well you move on the dance floor for the first dance?  In years to come, the past may seem far away, but with a wedding video it will feel like you’re reliving the moment all over again.
  6. Be the director. You have probably sat through a dodgy wedding video made by a retired BBC camera man. Slow, classical music and just a bit old fashioned. Things have changed now, you have choice. Help be the director and talk with your wedding videographer to help make the video suit your personalities. Choose the music you love and the style of filming and editing that matches the day. Any good wedding videographer will accommodate  your needs and a really good one will know how to make the video special after meeting you for the first time.
  7. Sound! Now hear me out… Years down the line, how on earth will you remember Great Uncle Jack shouting out ‘Me!’ when they ask ‘Does anyone object?’ or the best man revealing how much he fancies the bride?  Ok, ok… bad examples, but trust me, on the day loads of lovely things will be said: the words spoken at the ceremony, the laughter heard throughout the day, the witty and emotional speeches and the subtle conversations between bride and groom. A wedding video will capture this and so much more.
  8. Special little touches. You have spent so much time on the favours, table displays, flowers, all the sparkles, colours, knick knacks, trimmings and runners. As a videographer, I arrive at the venue bright and early to capture these special touches that make your day truly unique. Often these things get packed up at the end and forgotten. You may see them in glimpses of photos, but a video will capture them all in full colour moving images. Spectacular!
  9. It will never happen again. Well, let’s hope it won’t! This is one of the big ones for me.  Your wedding day is one of those days that generally will not come around again. You can spend a small fortune on it and in the future, why not remember it in the best possible way: as it happened. Getting not only the flow of the dress but the sound of the day. Trust me when I say 10 years down the line you wish you could see it all over again.
  10. Your children and grandchildren. As time passes, you have little ones and overtime they have even smaller ones. Nothing isbetter than a good old family Sunday get-together and cracking out your wedding DVD. Little Annie asks Grandma how come she looks so different now Grandma laughs and says ‘living with Grandpa can be stressful!’ But seriously, all the kids and grandchildren will love to see these moments, not just in the freeze frame of a photo but in the live action of a video. In years to come you will look around the room and see the whole family watching the TV with beaming smiles.

I hope this helps anyone on the edge of deciding. Yes, this comes from a biased perspective as it is my trade.  I am a wedding videographer and this is how I put bread on the table. But I speak on behalf of the many couples that have had their wedding day filmed and are now so happy they can watch it whenever they fancy. This snippet of a review comes from one of my first ever wedding videographer jobs and I think speaks volumes;

“…after much discussion about whether or not we actually wanted to have the occasion filmed.  Thank goodness we did. The video has brought us all hours of enjoyment and we re-live the whole day each time we watch it.”

– Sue Trickett


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