April 14, 2015

Ashwells wedding videography

Wedding Videographer for Ashwells Brentwood

Our first and certainly not our last visit to the beautiful wedding venue; Ashwells Sports and Country Club. It’s April 2015 and 3 Cheers Media have been asked to film the wedding of Katie and Clint right in the heart of Essex. What a treat the day turned out to be, as I drove to the venue rain hit my windscreen as if it would never stop. Luckily as I arrived to the grounds the clouds parted and the sun came through. The rest of the day was bright and warm and so was the reception from the staff at the venue. What I loved about doing Ashwells wedding videography is the family run environment and the desire from the staff to make you feel welcome. This is something that doesn’t always take place for hired professionals on a wedding day. Often we are left to just fend for ourselves, but at Ashwells I was made to feel part of the team for the day, making sure we all did the best job for the wedding couple.

Thank You To Family Run Staff – Ashwells, Brentwood

A big thank you to the general manager, Darren Evans who looked after myself asking if I needed anything at anytime. The other staff members who seemed to be part of the family also kept asking if they could get water for me or if I needed anything, just brilliant… thank you! I look forward to doing more Ashwells wedding videography projects and hope they like the highlights video that will be online soon.




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