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March 8, 2017

Our USB Wedding Presentation Video Box

Well it’s about time we stepped into the future and realise that wedding DVD’s are no longer the best option for our clients. In recent months a few clients have asked for their final wedding video to be on a USB memory stick rather than a traditional wedding DVD. Hooray, we now offer that as a part of our standard wedding package. This also meant we had to look into making our USB wedding presentation unique to our style. For hours we searched the internet to find a complete solution to have a company design and make our USB wedding video packaging. We found some great companies too, but felt non of them offered something that truly represented our style. In the end we made something ourselves and hope our future clients love it;

The USB Wedding Presentation

We are so pleased with how our packaging has turned out and would like to tell you how we went about it. My partner came up with the idea of using a custom made fob, I turned to Etsy to find a local UK supplier for the wedding USB label. We found a lady called Nora Klotz who works with leather. She made us these beautiful custom leather USB labels that have our company name, 3 Cheers or Wedding written on them.

Next up we decided to use recycled eco card boxes, with wood wall as a cushion. These are normally used as jewellery boxes due to the size but thought they would be perfect for the USB wedding presentation and packaging. These can be found on Amazon and local suppliers. 

Now for the branding, due to our wedding DVD packaging we already had custom stamps made by a USA Etsy company. These are used on the front of the USB wedding presentation box for the 3 Cheers Media company logo. Then on the inside we use a stamp that says; ‘Thanks for sharing your story with me’

The USB Presentation Poem;

Lastly we thought we would top it off with a little ditty to put in the presentation box for the USB care instruments. After all it’s important to know a few things about what this USB can do and to make sure clients remember to BACK UP!!! For those who want to read my poetic skills; Inside this box is your special memory, contained within a 3 Cheers Media USB.  It will play on whichever is your favourite device, but first it will need opening with your computer-side mice.  From iPads, iPhones, laptops and TV, once you copy the file it’s just plain ease.  But don’t forget, not all’s built to last, back up, back up, so it’s not lost to the past.  We hope you enjoy your unique custom movie, a review of the work will help business run smoothly!




July 6, 2015

wedding video guestbook questions

Some Great Wedding Interview Questions For Vide0

Often when talking to bride and grooms before the big day we look at how the wedding video should turn out. My main style is fly on the wall wedding videography. As the photographer asks to do many set shots, my aim is to take more of a back seat and film the mood of the wedding, the atmosphere, those moving moments. In saying that however, many wedding couples like to hear from the guests and have lots of talking or commentary from the day. This can be achieved by having some great wedding interview questions up your sleeve. In the evening it can be really set up, a camera on a tripod in a quiet room with a handful of great wedding interview questions can make for an amazing bride and groom wedding video guest book. So lets have a go at some wedding interview questions…

Pre Wedding Interview Questions

  • How do you know the bride and groom?
  • What are you most looking forward to today?
  • What do you think of the wedding so far?
  • Do you have any advice for the couple on their big day?

Guestbook Wedding Interview Questions

  • What is your first memory of the wedding couple?
  • Do you know the story of how they met?
  • Do you have any funny stories to share about the bride or groom?
  • Do you have any advice for a long and happy marriage?
  • What’s unique about them?

Funny Wedding Interview Questions

  • Who will fall asleep first tonight?
  • When they make the movie of their life, who will play the groom and who will play the bride?
  • Who normally wins in a fight?
  • Any funny stories to tell about the bride and groom?
  • What guest will be the first take make a fool of themselves tonight?
  • Any funny stories from the stag or hen do you can share?

Bride and Groom Interview Questions

  • How did you guys meet?
  • What was your first impression?
  • What was your first date?
  • What are your favourite things about the bride/groom?
  • Do you have a message for the bride/groom before you get married?
  • In what ways are you most alike?
  • In what ways are you most different?
  • How did the proposal go?
  • What are you looking forward to on your wedding day?
  • Why do you love the bride/groom?
  • What are your Honeymoon Plans?
  • If you could change one thing about your partner what would it be?


June 3, 2015

Wedding DVD PackagingProviding the best customer service is always at the top of our minds. That’s why you will never hear expressions like; “I’m sorry we are running behind on your wedding video edit – We need more time to finish your wedding video – Your wedding video is going to be a few weeks late”.

Turnaround times for wedding videos are at the forefront of our minds so we have a simple rule to go by;

Wedding video turnaround in the hight of our busy period (Late Spring/Summer) – 4-6 weeks

Wedding video turnaround any other time of year – 4 weeks

Quality is in time!

You may be asking so why does it even take that long? Well, we pride ourselves on making high end professional Essex Wedding Videos, so after we film the day, the editing process needs time and love. Getting great shots on the day goes along way but the editing is where the real magic happens. Some edits will run into 3-4 days of work depending on your production and this is alongside many other productions we produce. This means we work on the audio levels, colours, brightness and style to make it a memory that will last forever. So turnaround times for wedding videos shouldn’t need to be a few months like some companies will estimate.

Give us a call or email for more information!





March 8, 2015

When I meet with Essex wedding videography clients often they have a concern about how I will work with their photographer? It’s a totally justified concern, after all you don’t want to be worrying on the day about personality clashes. So check out our guide on how to work with wedding photographers – not against!

wedding photographer and videographer

Wedding Photographers & Wedding Videographers Together!

From time to time I have seen it happen where photographers or videographers are getting comments made from the guest about how rude they are or how bossy they can be. Allot of the time ego comes into play with some industry professionals. They can think that their part in the day is more important than anyone else’s. What I always remember is that the couple have booked professionals to do a job, and we are all there on the day to make the day go a smoothly as possible and do our job to the best of our abilities.

I have worked with many photographers over my 12 years plus as an Essex wedding videographer and to this day we have not had any bad experiences. The vast majority of wedding photographers out there work well with videographers and often compliment each other by raising the creativity levels.

How I Work With Wedding Photographers – My Tips;

  • Get to know them at the start of the day, introduce yourself and say hi!
  • I let them know my style – ‘fly on the wall’ so I won’t interrupt the photographers flow.
  • Have a chat about how you like to work so you get some common ground.
  • Help out and make it feel like team work; if the photographer has to carry lots of gear and you don’t, give them a hand.
  • Keep each other refreshed, I often get water for both myself and the photographer to keep us hydrated.
  • Keep things friendly, positive and jovial. Always good to have fun as it relaxes the clients and the professionals.

Meet Gary Derbridge! – We work together often and compliment each others style perfectly.




February 10, 2015

Essex Wedding Video Music

Wedding Video Songs – Quirky & Hipster Cool

So it’s that time when your wedding videographer needs some music to go with the super cool video he or she is about to cut together. You start to look over your music collection and choose some wedding video songs that have an important meaning for your relationship. Music tracks that remind you of a special moment, time or place. Then you select that song for your first dance that both of you love and want it to also feature on the wedding DVD for the first dance track. That’s all great and really important to do, but what would also be cool is to make your wedding video a little bit special, unique shall we say…

This can all be done with choosing some cool, quirky, alternative wedding video songs to make your DVD really stand out amongst the standard wedding video DVD’s you see from time to time. So take a look and listen to some great finds from over the internet to get your ear drums in the mood for some alternative wedding video music.

Spotify – Hipsters Guide to Alternative Wedding Day Music

Check out this awesome Spotify playlist for a hipsters guide to wedding video songs. Some really great tracks one of my favourites being; Nina Simone – ‘My Baby Just Cares For Me’

Spotify – Indie Wedding Music Playlist, Not Hipster Style!

Maybe you’re not looking for hipster? Try this really cool Indie wedding video music playlist. Some really chilled tracks that set the mood. My top pic from this list would be; Sigur Rós – ‘Hoppípolla’. This would make a truly epic lead in song to build up the tension for an amazing wedding video.

Spotify – Rustic Wedding Video Music Playlist

This is a lovely playlist full of soft, rustic and bohemian wedding tracks that will make a perfect soundtrack to your wedding video. My top pic from this list would have to be; Damien Rice – ‘Delicate’

So that should get you going for a bit, plenty of really cool wedding video songs to listen to and get you in the mood to make an amazing soundtrack to your unique Essex wedding video.




January 28, 2015

Wedding DVD PackagingMaking sure all my Essex Wedding DVD clients are happy is something I strive for at 3 Cheers Media. This comes from the level of attention I give to my clients from the start of a booking, to how hard I work on the day filming all those wonderful memories, then onto the time and creativity that goes into the editing process. The end result is a beautiful Essex wedding DVD set to the music you love with all the details recorded you may just forget over time. Lastly in this whole process is the wedding DVD packaging.

Essex Wedding DVD Packaging Process

For many years I used to use the standard plastic DVD box with a DVD cover of a few pictures from the day, usually provided kindly by the wedding photographer. I wanted to do something different, something unique for my wedding video clients. I chose to do something that reflects my personality and company style. May I present our 3 Cheers Media eco-friendly Essex wedding DVD packaging process. We use eco-friendly DVD wallets with designed hand stamps, personalised printed wedding DVD discs finally they are then hand tied and delivered with love.

Wedding DVD DiscA massive thank you to Papersushi on the craft design website for my personalised rubber stamps. They work great. Take a look at the video below to see my 3 Cheers Media wedding stamp in action.




November 27, 2014

10 Tips To Have A Stress Free Wedding Day

Stress, anxiety, pressure, emotions running high, sweaty palms, shaky legs, blah, blah, blah!  Let’s jog those feelings on with this quick, easy and quirky guide on how to stress less on your wedding day.  With a bit of advanced planning and some simple tips and tricks on the actual day, we hope to relieve the pressure.  So! In no particular order;

Top 10 Stress Free Wedding Day Tips

  1. You want chill?  Invite chill!  As the Black Eyed Peas said, ‘you don’t want no drama, no, no drama, no, no, no, no drama’.  Invite the friends and family that are going to reflect the energy you want.  It’s your day, so don’t settle for inviting people you think may cause a problem or stress you out.  If it’s not possible to keep drama away, surround yourself on the day with calm, cool, collected people.  That alone will have a massive impact on your mood and energy.
  2. Don’t pack too much into the day.  I film so many weddings where the bride and groom have organised something for every minute of the day. In the end they become stressed and worn out by it all.  Even having too many staff pulling you in different directions can be a headache.
  3. Simplicity is the key.  Deciding what not to do is just as important as deciding what to do.  Try to keep things as simple as possible.  You don’t want to be rushing around days before the wedding getting it all sorted and you definitely don’t want to be organising stuff on the day.  I can’t stress this enough… Go simple!
  4. Plan for some ‘you’ time!  Most weddings see the bride and groom step onto the non-stop merry-go-round for the whole day.  If you’re not being called away for photos, you are socialising with guests.  Try and plan for some time to go for a short walk around the grounds or 20 minutes peace in the bridal suite and reflect on what the day is about.  After all, it is all about being in love.
  5. Exercise Yoga style!  So we all know that getting the heart pumping gives us a free dose of happy pills, organic style!  It’s also great for helping us get in shape for the wedding day, but mostly it gives us a really calm feeling when we do it.  So take up something like Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi a good six months before the day and best of all have a session the morning of the wedding for a feeling of calm and a nice warm glow.
  6. Unwind on the build up.  Months before, try a bit of simple meditation.  One great app I have found for 10 minute meditation sessions is called Headspace, give it a try!  Weeks before, treat yourself to a nice massage or two or even some acupuncture for nerves and stress.  Then days before, just keep calm and take time for yourself to relax and unwind, hot baths, forest walks, whatever works for you.
  7. Music please!  What better way to have a relaxed atmosphere on the build up to an intense day or even on the day than music?  Most importantly, music that makes you happy and calm.  For me it would 100% be Bob Marley.  I’ll be listening to Bob’s – Catch of Fire album on my wedding day morning, that’s for sure!
  8. What are friends for?  Help!  Don’t hold on too tight to the plans and prep work going into the day.  Use your trusted friends, people who you know will do a good job and won’t let you down.  Spread the responsibility of even the smallest of things.  It will help take the pressure off.
  9. Drink plenty… I’m afraid I don’t mean the champagne.  Throughout the day, drink plenty of water.  I’m not saying be a party-pooper and don’t drink, far from it.  Just get those H20 benefits down the neck.  You will feel much better for it: no headaches, increased energy, improved skin complexion, oh and it keeps you regular… very important on the big day!
  10. Go on a honeymoon!  Often now with the big weddings, couples put off the honeymoon as the cash has already been splashed on the big day.  Please listen to this one.  Save money in the budget to get away, you will need it and you will want it!  After such a long day with such a high, going back to reality will suck.  Going to a tropical secluded beachside on the other hand will feel great!  Best of all, knowing you have that to look forward to will ease the stress on the wedding day.

So if you have any other tips for a stress free wedding day, we would love to read them!  Just add a comment below to help those guys and girls around the world plan that perfect day without the unwanted stress.

Also for a bit of fun check this video out, made me laugh!




November 7, 2014

10 Reasons to have a wedding video image

So! You got all those really important things booked: the stunning venue, a delicious wedding cake, a snuggly fitting, one-of-a-kind dress, the top local photographer, and the list goes on… But then a question arises: ‘What about having a wedding video?’ Maybe one of you likes the idea and one of you doesn’t.  Maybe talking about adding yet another expense into the mix is a bit of a sore point. Well, never fear!  These are the ultimate top 10 reasons to have a wedding video made for that all-important, once in a lifetime, truly special, unique, Ok… Ok! Enough of that, here’s the list…

Top 10 reasons to have a wedding video made

  1. I wish! You’ve had the most amazing wedding day. vAll that time, effort and planning paid off.  The guests are still talking about how funny the speeches were and the in-laws are chuffed at how well everything went.  Your photos arrive after you come back from your honeymoon and wow, they look great!  Time passes, you start to reminisce, then you say it: ‘I wish I could see it all over again’.  I wish I could listen to the speeches, see the reaction of my dad giving me away, see how choked you looked when you said ‘I do’.  I wish, I wish.  Well hopefully, if you’re reading this pre-wedding, you won’t need to say it.
  2. The day went by so quick… ‘Oh my god, how fast did that day go by?’  Trust me, I speak to many brides and grooms, and at the end of the wedding day it’s something I hear often.  So much is going on and the day is crammed with things to do, so time inevitably flies by.  So many moments you may have missed… Wouldn’t it be great to see those bits again?
  3. Videography vs. Photography.  As a wedding videographer, I will be the first person to say that the most important way of capturing the moments of the day is… wait for it… wait for it… the photographs!  Didn’t expect that, did you?  Well, this article is not about choosing wedding videography over photography.  Your photos are 100% your top priority for capturing the moment.  Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, but just think what video must be worth.
  4. Money!  It’s all about the money, money, money.  It’s budgeting time, and the tally is adding up. Dress, shoes, hair, make-up, perfume, wedding band… and thats just the bride!  Did you know the average cost of a wedding in the UK is now above £18,000 (according to The Telegraphy, 2014)?  So yes, adding another chunk onto the budget is a hard thing to do. I guess my point is, if you’re spending a good amount of cash on this one day, why wouldn’t you want to record the memory in the best way possible, on a memory that can be played time after time to remember how all your efforts payed off.
  5. “The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Video”… I can guarantee that for the big day you have worked your socks off to look the absolute bee’s knees, so in the future wouldn’t you want to see yourselves walking along in the finest gear on that special wedding day, see how well you move on the dance floor for the first dance?  In years to come, the past may seem far away, but with a wedding video it will feel like you’re reliving the moment all over again.
  6. Be the director. You have probably sat through a dodgy wedding video made by a retired BBC camera man. Slow, classical music and just a bit old fashioned. Things have changed now, you have choice. Help be the director and talk with your wedding videographer to help make the video suit your personalities. Choose the music you love and the style of filming and editing that matches the day. Any good wedding videographer will accommodate  your needs and a really good one will know how to make the video special after meeting you for the first time.
  7. Sound! Now hear me out… Years down the line, how on earth will you remember Great Uncle Jack shouting out ‘Me!’ when they ask ‘Does anyone object?’ or the best man revealing how much he fancies the bride?  Ok, ok… bad examples, but trust me, on the day loads of lovely things will be said: the words spoken at the ceremony, the laughter heard throughout the day, the witty and emotional speeches and the subtle conversations between bride and groom. A wedding video will capture this and so much more.
  8. Special little touches. You have spent so much time on the favours, table displays, flowers, all the sparkles, colours, knick knacks, trimmings and runners. As a videographer, I arrive at the venue bright and early to capture these special touches that make your day truly unique. Often these things get packed up at the end and forgotten. You may see them in glimpses of photos, but a video will capture them all in full colour moving images. Spectacular!
  9. It will never happen again. Well, let’s hope it won’t! This is one of the big ones for me.  Your wedding day is one of those days that generally will not come around again. You can spend a small fortune on it and in the future, why not remember it in the best possible way: as it happened. Getting not only the flow of the dress but the sound of the day. Trust me when I say 10 years down the line you wish you could see it all over again.
  10. Your children and grandchildren. As time passes, you have little ones and overtime they have even smaller ones. Nothing isbetter than a good old family Sunday get-together and cracking out your wedding DVD. Little Annie asks Grandma how come she looks so different now Grandma laughs and says ‘living with Grandpa can be stressful!’ But seriously, all the kids and grandchildren will love to see these moments, not just in the freeze frame of a photo but in the live action of a video. In years to come you will look around the room and see the whole family watching the TV with beaming smiles.

I hope this helps anyone on the edge of deciding. Yes, this comes from a biased perspective as it is my trade.  I am a wedding videographer and this is how I put bread on the table. But I speak on behalf of the many couples that have had their wedding day filmed and are now so happy they can watch it whenever they fancy. This snippet of a review comes from one of my first ever wedding videographer jobs and I think speaks volumes;

“…after much discussion about whether or not we actually wanted to have the occasion filmed.  Thank goodness we did. The video has brought us all hours of enjoyment and we re-live the whole day each time we watch it.”

– Sue Trickett