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February 1, 2015

Southend Business Card Design

Garrison Window Cleaning – Business Card Design Southend

Business card design is something I love to do. Coming up with an idea that grabs someone is important, but most important is a design that works for your target audience. Speaking with a client and finding out about the company they are starting or already have going is vital. Understanding the type of customers they need to appeal to and hitting them with the correct images, fonts and logos that appeal is necessary to drive a message.

This week with our business card design Southend client Robert Weeden, the brief was fairly simple. He is about to start a new window cleaning round in his home town area of The Shoebury Garrison in Southend-on-Sea. The customers will vary in age but as this is a middle to upper class residential area of Southend, we chose to use an image of the Shoebury Garrison clocktower, then, with photoshop was converted into what looks like an old painting. We hope it will appeal to the residents of the Garrison as they can relate to the iconic image.

If you need any help with affordable business cards design Southend, please don’t hesitate to ask for a no obligation quote.

Logo Design & Inspiration by Aaron Draplin

Check out this amazing logo design video by a great talent, Aaron Draplin. I watched this video not long before I did these business cards. His ideas and passion had a big impact!

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