October 15, 2017

Cromwell Manor Drone Video

Cromwell Manor Wedding Video – Claire & Dean

Our latest Essex wedding trailer celebrates the wedding of Claire and Dean. Filmed on the 9th of September at the beautiful venue Cromwell Manor, Pitsea. The light was perfect on the day, once the sun started to go down the photographer (Gary Derbridge) and I took Claire and Dean for a walk around the grounds. We weren’t disappointed as the light shone with a warm glow for some awesome slow motion shots.  If you’re ready it’s time to take a look at this Cromwell Manor Wedding Video;

Claire & Dean and a The Wedding Singer!

What a perfect September day Claire and Dean had.  Cromwell Manor looked stunning with all the special touches created for the big day. As Claire arrived in a Rolls Royce with her Dad all the bridesmaids were ready and waiting to make their grand entrance. Dean’s face lit up as his bride came down the isle. From that moment on the day was filled with smiling happy faces as family and friends celebrated in style. The first dance was pretty special too as Claire’s brother David sung the first dance song to kick off the evening celebrations.


Cromwell Manor Video

Confetti in super slow motion!

Cromwell Manor Wedding Cake

The stunning cake.

Cromwell Manor Wedding Videography

Claire & Dean in the evening sunlight

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