January 28, 2015

Wedding DVD PackagingMaking sure all my Essex Wedding DVD clients are happy is something I strive for at 3 Cheers Media. This comes from the level of attention I give to my clients from the start of a booking, to how hard I work on the day filming all those wonderful memories, then onto the time and creativity that goes into the editing process. The end result is a beautiful Essex wedding DVD set to the music you love with all the details recorded you may just forget over time. Lastly in this whole process is the wedding DVD packaging.

Essex Wedding DVD Packaging Process

For many years I used to use the standard plastic DVD box with a DVD cover of a few pictures from the day, usually provided kindly by the wedding photographer. I wanted to do something different, something unique for my wedding video clients. I chose to do something that reflects my personality and company style. May I present our 3 Cheers Media eco-friendly Essex wedding DVD packaging process. We use eco-friendly DVD wallets with etsy.com designed hand stamps, personalised printed wedding DVD discs finally they are then hand tied and delivered with love.

Wedding DVD DiscA massive thank you to Papersushi on the craft design website for my personalised rubber stamps. They work great. Take a look at the video below to see my 3 Cheers Media wedding stamp in action.


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