March 8, 2015

When I meet with Essex wedding videography clients often they have a concern about how I will work with their photographer? It’s a totally justified concern, after all you don’t want to be worrying on the day about personality clashes. So check out our guide on how to work with wedding photographers – not against!

wedding photographer and videographer

Wedding Photographers & Wedding Videographers Together!

From time to time I have seen it happen where photographers or videographers are getting comments made from the guest about how rude they are or how bossy they can be. Allot of the time ego comes into play with some industry professionals. They can think that their part in the day is more important than anyone else’s. What I always remember is that the couple have booked professionals to do a job, and we are all there on the day to make the day go a smoothly as possible and do our job to the best of our abilities.

I have worked with many photographers over my 12 years plus as an Essex wedding videographer and to this day we have not had any bad experiences. The vast majority of wedding photographers out there work well with videographers and often compliment each other by raising the creativity levels.

How I Work With Wedding Photographers – My Tips;

  • Get to know them at the start of the day, introduce yourself and say hi!
  • I let them know my style – ‘fly on the wall’ so I won’t interrupt the photographers flow.
  • Have a chat about how you like to work so you get some common ground.
  • Help out and make it feel like team work; if the photographer has to carry lots of gear and you don’t, give them a hand.
  • Keep each other refreshed, I often get water for both myself and the photographer to keep us hydrated.
  • Keep things friendly, positive and jovial. Always good to have fun as it relaxes the clients and the professionals.

Meet Gary Derbridge! – We work together often and compliment each others style perfectly.


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