November 27, 2014

10 Tips To Have A Stress Free Wedding Day

Stress, anxiety, pressure, emotions running high, sweaty palms, shaky legs, blah, blah, blah!  Let’s jog those feelings on with this quick, easy and quirky guide on how to stress less on your wedding day.  With a bit of advanced planning and some simple tips and tricks on the actual day, we hope to relieve the pressure.  So! In no particular order;

Top 10 Stress Free Wedding Day Tips

  1. You want chill?  Invite chill!  As the Black Eyed Peas said, ‘you don’t want no drama, no, no drama, no, no, no, no drama’.  Invite the friends and family that are going to reflect the energy you want.  It’s your day, so don’t settle for inviting people you think may cause a problem or stress you out.  If it’s not possible to keep drama away, surround yourself on the day with calm, cool, collected people.  That alone will have a massive impact on your mood and energy.
  2. Don’t pack too much into the day.  I film so many weddings where the bride and groom have organised something for every minute of the day. In the end they become stressed and worn out by it all.  Even having too many staff pulling you in different directions can be a headache.
  3. Simplicity is the key.  Deciding what not to do is just as important as deciding what to do.  Try to keep things as simple as possible.  You don’t want to be rushing around days before the wedding getting it all sorted and you definitely don’t want to be organising stuff on the day.  I can’t stress this enough… Go simple!
  4. Plan for some ‘you’ time!  Most weddings see the bride and groom step onto the non-stop merry-go-round for the whole day.  If you’re not being called away for photos, you are socialising with guests.  Try and plan for some time to go for a short walk around the grounds or 20 minutes peace in the bridal suite and reflect on what the day is about.  After all, it is all about being in love.
  5. Exercise Yoga style!  So we all know that getting the heart pumping gives us a free dose of happy pills, organic style!  It’s also great for helping us get in shape for the wedding day, but mostly it gives us a really calm feeling when we do it.  So take up something like Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi a good six months before the day and best of all have a session the morning of the wedding for a feeling of calm and a nice warm glow.
  6. Unwind on the build up.  Months before, try a bit of simple meditation.  One great app I have found for 10 minute meditation sessions is called Headspace, give it a try!  Weeks before, treat yourself to a nice massage or two or even some acupuncture for nerves and stress.  Then days before, just keep calm and take time for yourself to relax and unwind, hot baths, forest walks, whatever works for you.
  7. Music please!  What better way to have a relaxed atmosphere on the build up to an intense day or even on the day than music?  Most importantly, music that makes you happy and calm.  For me it would 100% be Bob Marley.  I’ll be listening to Bob’s – Catch of Fire album on my wedding day morning, that’s for sure!
  8. What are friends for?  Help!  Don’t hold on too tight to the plans and prep work going into the day.  Use your trusted friends, people who you know will do a good job and won’t let you down.  Spread the responsibility of even the smallest of things.  It will help take the pressure off.
  9. Drink plenty… I’m afraid I don’t mean the champagne.  Throughout the day, drink plenty of water.  I’m not saying be a party-pooper and don’t drink, far from it.  Just get those H20 benefits down the neck.  You will feel much better for it: no headaches, increased energy, improved skin complexion, oh and it keeps you regular… very important on the big day!
  10. Go on a honeymoon!  Often now with the big weddings, couples put off the honeymoon as the cash has already been splashed on the big day.  Please listen to this one.  Save money in the budget to get away, you will need it and you will want it!  After such a long day with such a high, going back to reality will suck.  Going to a tropical secluded beachside on the other hand will feel great!  Best of all, knowing you have that to look forward to will ease the stress on the wedding day.

So if you have any other tips for a stress free wedding day, we would love to read them!  Just add a comment below to help those guys and girls around the world plan that perfect day without the unwanted stress.

Also for a bit of fun check this video out, made me laugh!


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