Promotional Video Production

Putting your business in motion! An extremely powerful way of promoting your business is with our Essex video production service. You can use web video production or DVD handouts to target your specific audience and generate great results.
Our Essex promo videos are modern, stylish and creative. Using visual aids, dialogue, captions, music and branding, your local Essex company can elevate company awareness and promote key benefits direct to your clients.

Training Video Production

Training employees or briefing clients can be time consuming, repetitive and expensive. Producing training videos is an excellent way of cutting your business costs. With our Essex training video service, you can teach employees such aspects as procedures, key skills, mechanical operation, health and safety and much more. You can also use a training DVD to brief customers for a specific purpose, such as instructions on equipment.
With 3 Cheers Media you can use training videos for sports clubs, teams and academies to help teach specific training methods – a great DVD application as a ‘take home’ learning tool.

Showreel Production

Essex showreel video production offers any budding actor, actress, singer, band, comedian or talent this essential video tool to help promote and further your career in your chosen entertainment industry.
We produce short videos that are personalised to your skills and talents, and edit them in a modern and creative way, giving you a unique edge. We can shoot new footage, use existing video or combine both. Promote your Essex talent showreel on Facebook, Youtube, personal websites or make a Essex showreel DVD to send out.

Essex Event & Show Filming

Essex show filming or event filming services provide a great way of capturing your event or show. We can film stage shows, music events, children’s plays and lots more.
Depending on the number of pre-ordered DVD’s, filming your show could cost nothing; you could even make a profit! Call 3 Cheers Media to see if we can package together a low cost video service to film your special Essex event.

Viral Video Production

Essex viral video production for the web. We have all laughed at the quirky videos sent to us via email or posted on Facebook and Youtube! Many of these have promoted companies, products or personalities resulting in overnight success.
With a unique and creative idea, using viral videos on the web can achieve instant traffic to your business or campaign.

Music Video Production

Essex music video production from 3 Cheers Media offers slick, creative, inventive and original music video ideas and production for local Essex bands and artists.

If sending a ‘demo tape’ is not getting you far enough, go one step further and produce a music video ‘MTV style’. Upload your Essex produced music video to Youtube, Facebook, MySpace or create your own DVD as part of your promo pack.

Corporate Video Production

Southeast England video production for large companies or organisations who need to promote their business on a grand scale! Corporate video production can be a great way of advertising the status of a business to shareholders, employees or other organisations. They aid with branding, promoting and sending out your all-important corporate message.
Low cost video production can be achieved by using stock footage from video archives.

Slideshow Videos

Want to put your pictures in motion? Use 3 Cheers Media’s photo slide show production and editing services. We put your favourite pictures to your chosen tunes in a beautiful, stylish way in a number of creative styles.
Add them as an extras feature to a DVD or show them of on your social networking sites, for example: Youtube slideshows or Facebook slideshows.  You name it, we can make it!

Motivation Videos

In need of some motivation? Want to be inspired when you wake up to face the day ahead? Use our Essex motivational video production services to put together a short, powerful video clip to give you the ‘edge’.
This is a unique service using images and videos from your life achievements together with a personal inspiring soundtrack and motivational captions.

Essex Wedding Video Production

3 Cheers Media offers a beautiful, tailored Wedding video service at great rates. Click below to see our specific page on Essex Wedding videography services: 3 Cheers Media – Essex Wedding DVD Production

Direct Us

We aim to assist you.  For any random ideas, projects or concepts you want to turn into moving images, we can help. If you don’t fall into a specific category, just get in contact. We will try our best to cater for all your needs.