February 10, 2015

Essex Wedding Video Music

Wedding Video Songs – Quirky & Hipster Cool

So it’s that time when your wedding videographer needs some music to go with the super cool video he or she is about to cut together. You start to look over your music collection and choose some wedding video songs that have an important meaning for your relationship. Music tracks that remind you of a special moment, time or place. Then you select that song for your first dance that both of you love and want it to also feature on the wedding DVD for the first dance track. That’s all great and really important to do, but what would also be cool is to make your wedding video a little bit special, unique shall we say…

This can all be done with choosing some cool, quirky, alternative wedding video songs to make your DVD really stand out amongst the standard wedding video DVD’s you see from time to time. So take a look and listen to some great finds from over the internet to get your ear drums in the mood for some alternative wedding video music.

Spotify – Hipsters Guide to Alternative Wedding Day Music

Check out this awesome Spotify playlist for a hipsters guide to wedding video songs. Some really great tracks one of my favourites being; Nina Simone – ‘My Baby Just Cares For Me’

Spotify – Indie Wedding Music Playlist, Not Hipster Style!

Maybe you’re not looking for hipster? Try this really cool Indie wedding video music playlist. Some really chilled tracks that set the mood. My top pic from this list would be; Sigur Rós – ‘Hoppípolla’. This would make a truly epic lead in song to build up the tension for an amazing wedding video.

Spotify – Rustic Wedding Video Music Playlist

This is a lovely playlist full of soft, rustic and bohemian wedding tracks that will make a perfect soundtrack to your wedding video. My top pic from this list would have to be; Damien Rice – ‘Delicate’

So that should get you going for a bit, plenty of really cool wedding video songs to listen to and get you in the mood to make an amazing soundtrack to your unique Essex wedding video.


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  • Matthew June 8, 2015 at 9:59 am

    Thanks very much. Will be sure to listen that track. Sounds very cool. All the best!